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Welcome To My Home Page
I should introduce myself, I'm Doyle Bates and I'm a singer songwriter. You might have just heard me on the radio. Any way I hope you enjoy this web page. We are still working on it from time to time. I hope it will answer a lot of questions that people have about me. I know I've enjoyed making it for you just as I enjoy singing songs for you. Thanks to all the DJ's around the world that made my dream possible.
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I really hate to have to tell my fans this but I fell I must. I am a cabinet maker by trade as well as a performer. Both which I love very much. There's nothing no more rewarding than making something with your hands. My daddy stood me on a milk crate at the age of six and started teaching me the right way to use a table saw. I've been lucky for 46 years untill the 11/5/2002 when I was using a saw and it buckled into my left arm cuting everything from the wrist to the elbow. All the nerves,arteries and legiments. A six hour operation repaired most but I only have movement in my thumb and first finger. On 1/24/03 I will have another operation. They will take a nerve from my leg and put into my arm. I have movement now in all five fingers but I have no feeling in the last two. I have very little use of my hand it's a 50/50 chance it will work. I've been told I'll never play a guitar again. I'm letting God lead the way on this one. So my life has been put on hold for a while. But I have pulled out some of my old sound track tapes and started to practice again. At least I can do some shows by sound tracks. Thanks for all the e-mails and prayers I've recieved around the world from people who heard about this. My spirits are high and I'm not one to give up. I'll come back it's just gonna take a while.

(update 2/27/2008)

I am better now I still don't have very much use of my left hand.I've learned to do a lot with one arm.  Always remember no matter what life throws at you there is a way around it. Life goes on.

Doyle Bates Music/BMI
On the 11/30/2002 I was given a honor I thought I would never in my life see. I am now a member of the "Atlanta Country Music Hall Of Fame". I was proud to receive this honor. I was thinking as they were giving out honors to people that had passed on I did this while I was still alive and able to enjoy the honor. And it was the DJ's and all the fans that really did this. "Thanks"

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I want visitors to sign my guest book. A lot of people have visited the site no longer than it's been up. I have sold a lot of albums off the site this really helps me keep recording. I want to think each one for the visit.

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