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Welcome to my adventures through the years
This is a place I can share a small part of my life with my fans. I don't have many pictures because when you are the one doing the performing it's hard to take a picture of yourself. These are pictures other people took and sent me and believe me I treasure every one.

This is Doyle and band performing at a major festival in Georgia. Around 30,000 people turn out for this festival each year. I'm the one on the left. The man in the white shirt Ken Jackson is a long time friend. He plays steel and lead guitar and has played with a few stars in his time. He is a lot older than myself and I have always looked to Ken for advice. Ken died April 22,2002 one week after my father died.

This picture was taken at the famous Georgia Mountain Fair where I was a special guest, and played with the house band. A few more big name stars appeared on the same stage that night and later on we had a big jam backstage. I wouldn't have taken anything for that.

This is me playing with the gang in a little town where I live called High Shoals, Georgia. It's an old barn in the middle of a cow pasture where a crowd gathers on Saturday night just to have some good old clean fun. We call it the cow pattie palace and that's for a reason. Think we don't have fun in Georgia.

This is the picture we used on my "I'm Going Home" album. The dog went over with just about everyone. His name was "Spud" and it was the first time he had been off the farm. He posed just right for the camera and then took off chasing deer.

This is my father with my brother and sister. This was took in the fifties. My father died April 17th of 2002.

This is a picture that not many people have seen. It was used on my first release which was done as a single on a 45 record. It had the same song on both sides "I Just Wanna Be Me" it started my whole career in the music industry in 1992. The song went to number 49 on the top 100 charts and as high as 2 on the Indy charts. If you have a record or a tape with this picture on it consider yourself lucky because I don't even have one.

This was the picture used on my second album "Walking Through the Memories". It was taken at the University of Georgia on the porch of one of the oldest houses on campus.

Well you can look at this one and tell when it was taken. This is me in the early 60's performing some Elvis at a private party driving the girls wild. Yes I was into rock and roll in those days as many other teens were but I still performed country along with it. Boy how I'd love to go back there again.

Dress a country boy up in a suit and every body wants to catch him by surprise.

This is the picture I used on my first gospel album. It was taken in a small church where I spent a lot of time on my knees. My first song and the title of this album, "I'll Take Off My Hat To Jesus" was actually a prayer that I prayed when I was down on my luck.


This is the picture I had taken last year. But you want see anymore since I broke the camera. Notice how good I combed what little hair I have over that big old bald spot. Good job wasn't it. Couldn't hide the ugly though.

I figured since it was Sunday and they had me dressed up which doesn't happen that often I'd just sing a few old gospel songs. It's rough to be a red neck tied down in a suit.

This is when I was a little squirt. This is my brother Freddy on the left fender and Me on the right fender. I was about Four years old.

This is my cousin Steve on the left and Me on right at the age of eight. You can see I had music in my bones at a early age. ( we look like a fool don't we).

This is in the Fifty's with my mother,brother and little sister. I'm the noisy one on the left. I was four years and got all the attention before my sister came along.

"This guy is famous. " The one on the left I mean. He is Bill Holden which was the bad guy and stunt man in a lot of the old cowboy movies. He worked with people like John Wayne, The Lone Ranger and countless other stars. Bill is the one who nominated me for the "Atlanta Country Music Hall Of Fame". This was the night I was given the award Nov.30/2002.

This is my 76 old Mother and me on the night I was inducted into the "Atlanta Country Music Hall Of Fame". She said all of that trying to sing and play a guitar finally paid off. Just wish my father had lived to see it. I'd just been out of surgery just a few days with the loss of function of my left arm. But I was as happy as any body could be that night it was all kept quiet to the last minuite.