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This is the page where you can order one of my albums.
You can order a CD or Tape for Ten dollars, Include Two dollars USA, Four dollars Canada USD, Six dollars other countries USD for shipping . If you would like to order by credit card go to and order there, (CD's only at this site.

Make sure you tell me which album you select.

Email me at and I'll send you a address to send money to Thanks.

(#1) I'm Going Home (GHR-A110)
(1) I'm Going Home
(2) Poor White Trash
(3) Somewhere
(4) Just Rely On Jesus
(5) The Jimmy Rogers Blues
(6) Whatever Happened To My Country Music
(7) That Woman Made A Fool Out Of Me
(8) I'll Take Off My Hat To Jesus
(9) Just An Old Western Cowboy
(10) I Just Wanna Be Me
(#2) Walking Through The Memories (GHR-A121)
(1) Walking Through The Memories
(2) Old Lonely
(3) White Line Fever
(4) One Step At A Time
(5) I Was Drunk (when i married her last night)
(6) Everything's Gonna Work Out Right
(7) When The Love Bug Bites
(8) Those Eyes
(9) Bad Misinterpretation (of a lousy situation)
(10) Roses For No One
(11) Christmas Tree In The Corner
(#3) What About The Children (GHR-A131)
(1) What About The Children
(2) Sittin' On A Corner
(3) Life's Windmill
(4) What Would You Say
(5) One More Love Song
(6) I'm Thinking About An Old Memory
(7) Just Like To Live That Memory Again
(8) Would Your Love Be Mine
(9) It Will Break My Heart
(10) But Now I've Got Viagra
(#4) I'll Take Off My Hat To Jesus (GHR-A143)
(1) I'll Take Off My Hat To Jesus
(2) I'll Give My Life To Jesus
(3) Life's Windmill
(4) The Picture
(5) The Carpet Ride
(6) Backside Of Ten
(7) Life's Weary Road
(8) Just Rely On Jesus
(9) I'll Rejoice In Heaven Someday
(10) Gonna Ride That Silver Cloud
(11) Hell Is Where I Played
(12) The Meaning Of Christmas

All songs written and performed by Doyle Bates. Albums recorded at Writeside Productions Studio. Produced by David Leonard and Doyle Bates. Dist. by: Going Home Records and Doyle Bates Music/BMI.